Highlighting floral centerpieces and other elements of interest with wireless pinspots

Pinspotting involves projecting a narrow white light from above onto floral, table centerpieces, or other elements you would like to highlight. Pinspotting can be even more dramatic when the main source of lighting for your venue is uplighting. In that case, the room is already pretty dim, so you pinspotting makes a major impact.

Typically pin spotting is priced per table. Pinspotting is primarily used at wedding receptions, but it can be used at any event with centerpieces that you would like to highlight. We can also pinspot other elements too such casino games, sweet tables, food buffets, or artwork.

Our pinspots are unique in that they are 100% wireless. They have a very powerful magnet on the back that allows us to attach them to ceilings, airwalls, and other magnetic sources. The ability to attach to any magnetic source gives us a ton of flexibility on where to place the lights for your Dallas area event. That means the pinspotting will look truly amazing without plugging in a single light!

If you are pinspotting table centerpieces, most clients will pin spot all of their tables, but some will even just pinspot the tables for the wedding party, family, or other guests of honor. Regardless of what you choose, pinspotting can be a nice accent to add to your décor lighting package for DFW weddings, proms, corporate events, and other private parties!


Floral Centerpiece pinspotting at Colonial Country Club

Pinspotting Gallery

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