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Offering the latest technology with digital gobo projections!

Importance of digital projection

For decades, lighting companies used steel or glass gobos, which are like little stencils. Six years ago, we were among the first lighting companies in the US to make the switch to digital gobo projection.

Digital gobos are projected using high-end projectors. That means the images are extremely crisp & clear. In addition, we have a lot more flexibility in where we put the projector. That way, we can project on a surface quite a distance from the projector.

Not only can we display static images, but we can also project animated designs. Depending on the event type, that can mean something classy like sparkles on the design for a wedding, or we can make snow fall for a winter themed event.

We consistently get rave reviews on our digital projections and it has landed us on the preffered vendor list for venues, wedding planners, and other Dallas area wedding vendors. Check out the images below to see just how good digital gobo projections look!

Monogram Gallery

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